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A Demo

Recently, my boss said he wanted a "Demo" button on the title screen of our
"No Sweat, I said."
See, I thought I could get away with something like:
(view-click-event-handler (car (windows)) #@(300 300))
(sleep 5)
(view-click-event-handler (car (windows)) #@(127 483))
(sleep 5)

Not So.  See, the screen updates don't seem to be happening.  So I thought
I'd try stuff like:
  Throwing in a few (event-dispatch) calls, and
  Throwing in a few (eval (get-next-queueud-form) calls.

Didn't seem to have any effect.

Right now, I'm (eval-enqueueing a form that does the first thing and then
(eval-enqueues a form that does the next thing which (eval-enqueues...

This is ugly, but it's all I can find that works.

Unfortunately, it seems to take geometrically more time to defun the demo
function that does all this.
Last night, I started an eval and it took so long, I gave up.

Any better answers?

PS, I do also include a message window and move the cursor under program
control for the demo, but left  those calls out for clarity here.