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68040 and MCL2.0

I'm thinking of getting a Radius Rocket (68040 accelerator) for my Mac
IIcx. I know of one problem so far, that is the cx doesn't have 32-bit
clean roms which means that if I have 16megs I will only be able to
access 14 of them.

The other problem is will MCL2.0 work on the radius rocket.  I
remember hearing a while ago a discussion of this sort but instead of
the Rocket it was around the 68040 quadro machines.

Does anybody have any experience with the Rocket and MCL2.0?

Thanks in advance.

Mahmoud K. Habboub                    (419)381-4597
Image Analysis Research Center        habboub@soleil.iarc.mco.edu
Medical College of Ohio
3000 Arlington Ave.
Toledo, Ohio 43614