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Re: Wanted: Scheme simulator in MCL

In article <58347@apple.Apple.COM> bc@apple.com (bill coderre) writes:
|Is there a rinky Scheme interpreter/simulator that runs in Mac Common

|MacScheme, trade edition manual + disk of base-level implementation,
|is about $40. Obviously, I'm trying to cheap out.

Well, About a zillion people (thank you each of you) pointed me at
PSEUDO-SCHEME, a fairly-complete Scheme-in-CL implementation developed
by Jonathan Rees at the MIT AI Lab and the Cornell Robotics and Vision
Laboratory (jar@altdorf.ai.mit.edu, jar@cs.cornell.edu).

You can get it by anonymous ftp to altdorf.ai.mit.edu. There is a
mailing-list about it: send mail to info-clscheme-request@mc.lcs.mit.edu
to be added.

I haven't started playing with it yet, because getting it to load in
CL2 will take a few minutes that I haven't had recently. It does look

A few people also mentioned a free-ish Scheme-like standalone app
called gambit, which I haven't found yet. It, also, is spozed to be

bill coderre