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Pbs in interfacing Lisp and ThinkPascal


I'm trying to interface Think-Pascal 3.0.2 with MACL 1.3.2. The only
thing I want  to do is to call a Pascal procedure from Lisp and to read
back the result. As  Think Pascal documentation mentions that libraries
are MPW compatible, I have tried the simple following code (wich is
based on FF examples). LispVins.lib is a library obtained from a simple
unit using strings, files and integers.

;;; The following lisp code, when evaluated,

(def-logical-pathname "ff;" "TRILAN-II:Damien:Divers:ThinkPascal<->Lisp:")
(def-logical-pathname "paslib;" "TRILAN-II:Logiciels:Think Pascal-3.0:")

(require :ff)

(ff-load "ff;LispVins.lib"
         :ffenv-name 'test
         :libraries '("paslib;Runtime.lib" "paslib;Interface.lib"))

;;; produces this message :
> Error: Reference to undefined entry point "THEPORT"
> While executing: CCL::FF-MARK-ENTRY
> Type Command-/ to continue, Command-. to abort.
1 > 

Then I have looked at the ThinkC<->Lisp interface provided by Guillaume
Cartier. The problem for me is the Pascal programs I want to call are
making a great use of the runtime library of Pascal, so I can not use
code resources.

Anyone has ideas ? In my opinion, it must be possible : it's Pascal (Macintosh 
system is coded in Pascal), and it's MPW compatible.

Thanks in advance for any help provided.

Damien Genthial.