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Re: A Small Plug for CLIM on the Mac

> From: Curt Stevens <stevens@sigi.cs.colorado.edu>
> Message-Id: <9110151827.AA22516@sigi.cs.colorado.edu>
> Subject: A Small Plug for CLIM on the Mac...
> To: Info-MCL@Cambridge.Apple.COM, CLIM@BBN.COM
> Date: Tue, 15 Oct 91 12:27:54 MDT
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> Status: RO
> [...good things about CLIM on the Mac...]
> Running in this environment allows one to cross-develop between the
> Mac and Symbolics, while enabling demonstrations to be offered on a
> Mac. I can't begin to tell you how many times people have wanted a
> demo of my system but were unable to run it because of the need for
> a Symbolics.

With just a few reservations, and after about a week's worth of
programming, I too am extremely impressed with ILA's CLIM
implementation for the Mac.  It's fast (on my Mac IIfx w/ 8Mb) --
running the mouse over ~50 presentations highlights the presentations
instantaneously, scrolling windows with graphics in them seems to be
very solid (no garbage bits!), and almost everything I've tried so far
seems to work well.

We also develop in Genera and MCL and now are beginning to deliver our
CLIM-based applications on native Macs.  With the advent of CLIM for
the Mac, our application prototyping efforts can move back to Genera,
and now we have a much cheaper, more viable delivery path.  I imagine
that this is the case for many developers.

> I would also like to say something about ILA in particular. I have
> received excellent support from the people there. Each time I have found
> a bug, or something that is so far away from Mac standards as to be
> unacceptable, they have responded VERY quickly with a patch or fix.

I have had the same experience.  Thanks, ILA.  

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