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Re: A Small Plug for CLIM on the Mac

  While the reviews of CLIM seem to have been pretty positive, I would
like to issue a word of warning about the CLIM implementation for
Franz Allegro Common Lisp.  This summer I got an evaluation copy from
Franz and it was *painfully* slow - too slow, and I ran it on a Sun 4
with 128MB of RAM!  CLIM alone increased the image size from 9 to
15MB.  I tried to run it on a 16MB Sparc2 and couldn't.  In all
fairness to Franz, this is only V1.0, so they probably have some
optimization to do.  

  I would like to see what it is like on the Mac.  From the sounds of
the reviews it looks a lot better than the Franz version.  What are
the memory requirements?  How much does it cost?  Is there a student
price so I don't have to go to debtor's prison to get it?  How fast is
it relative to DW on the Symbolics?  Are there any published reviews
and if not would a comp.lang.lisp.mcl-er consider writing one up?
Thanks in advance.

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