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Quadras vs. MCL2.0

In the October 15, 1991, issue of MACWEEK Magazine, there is an article
stating that some (about 15%) of  Mac applications have problems with the
Quadra's 68040 copyback caching.  The article said that turning off
copyback caching slows the performance of the Quadras to IIci levels.  My
question is:  Does MCL 2.0 work with copyback caching?  I'm wondering
whether I should stay with my IIfx or get a Quadra.  MCL is the main
application I run on my machine.  If anyone has any other comments about
IIfx's vs. the Quadras, especially in relation to MCL 2.0, I would also
appreciate hearing them.  Thanks in advance.
Dale J. Skrien   	       	       	       	       	djskrien@colby.edu
Dept. of Mathematics & Computer Science 	       	207-872-3256
Colby College, Waterville  ME  04901