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macl 1.3.2 & system 7

I have been using MACL 1.3.2 on a IIfx, system 6.0.5 for some time and
would like to make the transition to MCL 2.?, system 7.

A co-worker has system 7 on a similar MAC - 20Mbytes, IIfx.
Double-clicking on the MACL icon (no init file or anything else to load -- 
only the bare application) causes the system to hang (with the watch).
P-key will not move to debugger - have to push the reboot switch - most of the time.  

Virtual memory on the system 7 mac was turned off.  
Would appreciate any help.

Also - anyone know when an updated version of MCL is coming out that
doesn't require the patches I've been reading about?

Thanks v. much

Dave Bright
Nat'l Inst. of Standards & Tech.  (formerly NBS)
Gaithersburg, MD 20899