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FPC now ftpable from brazil.cambridge.apple.com

FPC is now available via FTP from brazil.cambridge.apple.com in the directory
pub/MCL2/contrib.  FPC (Floating Point Compiler) is a floating point
accelerator program for Macintosh Common Lisp.  It compiles floating point
expressions into native coprocessor code, allowing floating point computations
to be speeded up significantly.  The exact speedup depends on the expression.
In general, the more complex the expression, the greater the speedup.  FPC
also allows destructive floating point operations to be defined, allowing
one to do floating point math without consing.

FPC 1.2 works with MCL 2.0b1p3.  It does not work with MACL 1.3.  FPC is
distributed under the GNU general public liscence.  (There is a version of
FPC for MACL 1.3, but it's a bit of a mess.  Contact me if you want it.)

Comments and bug reports are welcome.

Erann Gat