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Re: Patch 2.0b3p1 ?

> I own MCL 2.0b1. I successfully upgraded to 2.0b1p3 using the patches
> for MCL 2.0b1p1, p2, and p3. Now I don't know what to do with the 2.0b3p1
> patch. Is it for a different release of MCL? What should I do?
> Thanks
> -- enrico

My apologies to all who were confused by the the file "MCL2.0b3p1.hqx" in the 
patches directory.

MCL 2.0b3 is an unreleased version of MCL 2.0, generated for testing
purposes as the product moves along the path to full release in the not-too-
distant future. I posted the patch file there hoping that nobody would notice
(except for the very small group of people who are testing this internal
release) - I probably should have named it something cryptic to avoid

Not to worry - you have the most current released version of the product in
MCL 2.0b1p3.