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file i/o and clos objects...

  Is there a way, (without resorting to the toolbox) to increase the buffer
  size used with "read-line"?  Using read-line to count the number of lines
  in the file seems to be a real disk basher...read-line is hitting the disk
  about every 3rd read-line, which for a 4-5k line file is a real workout...

  Is there a straightforward way to use binary file i/o using :element-type
  '(unsigned-byte 8192) to read in, say 1k???

  Finally, is there a depository of clos objects which is open to all?  i.e.
  spreadsheet, picture buttons, icon objects, etc?  I have a few that I have
  made but I'd like to avoid reinventing the wheel!!!  I would also like to 
  see more examples of object design and lisp code...

  Kindest Regards,     
    Mike Meehan, EEsof Inc.