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Where do .fasl files live?

   Date: Mon, 4 Nov 91 10:55:43 CST
   From: engber@aristotle.ils.nwu.edu (Mike Engber)

   I'd like to keep all my .fasl file in a single folder (instead of with
   their corresponding .lisp file - distributed throughout a hierarchy of

I've often wanted the following convention for fasl files:

Every folder with source code also contains a subfolder named "Fasl"
which holds fasl files for that folder.  The convention of adding a
".fasl" file to the same directory seems like a holdover from the days
where some file systems were not hierarchical.  The convention of
having a separate folder for compiled files works out much better with
the Mac's finder, especially if you, as I do, habitually use the By
Icon view.  Even in the By Name view, a list of file names becomes
twice as long if it includes the fasl files, and you do not always
want to see this information.  It is easy enough to side-by-side the
views if you want to see what source files have not been compiled or
something like that.

Implementing this convention would require changes not only to REQUIRE
but also to LOAD, and perhaps other things.  Any wisdom on implementing this?