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Questions on interacting with objects in MCL 1.3.2

I am working on extending the browser code of Dan Kimberg
to support more design activities - things like adding
methods and variables, etc.  I have a few questions:

Given a class (e.g., (defobject *foo*)) and a method
(e.g, (defobfun (test *foo*) (arg1 arg2) {forms}))
how can I do the following:

  1. Obtain the documentation string of the method.
  2. Obtain the princ version of the arguments.  What
     I mean by this question is exemplified in the
     fred mini-buffer - the arguments to a function are
     listed in the mini-buffer after you type the
     initial name of the function.

  3. The body of the function.  'uncompile-function gives
     a kindof funky version of the compiled code - are there
     any other functions that can be used to help me
     in this process?

Thanks for your time.  If I hack up anything interesting
I'll post it.  Of course, it would be more interesting to
do this in MCL 2.0..... That version is coming.... I still
don't know CLOS very well.

  -- Luke