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MACL1.3.2 vs. System 7.0

I have a stand-alone application I created and compiled a year ago using
MACL 1.3.2.  I recently tried to run it under system 7.0 and I had some
problems with it, even when I turned off all my inits and when I ran my Mac
(an SE/30) in 24-bit mode.  More specifically, the application starts up
and everything works but the file access.  When I try to load an existing
lisp text file, I get a system error.  The same happens when I try to
create a lisp text file from my application.  Is there anything in MACL
1.3.2 that is causing this problem, or is it my machine or something else? 
Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I don't want to rewrite the code in
MCL 2.0 because the application is too big.

Dale J. Skrien   	       	       	       	       	djskrien@colby.edu
Dept. of Mathematics & Computer Science 	       	207-872-3256
Colby College, Waterville  ME  04901