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Referring to Keys in MCL docs

We're polling selected users on how MCL documentation can refer to keys with
the least confusion.  Please read the questions below and send your comments
this week to Sarah Smith, the writer of the MCL 2.0 documentation, at
SWRS@cambridge.apple.com.  Thanks a lot.
--Harvey Alcabes
  MCL Product Marketing Manager
We have two questions:
(1) Are any of the following ways of referring to keys confusing?
(2) Which, in your mind, is the clearest way?
For the Control key (referring to keystroke commands such as Control-X):
For keys used with modifier keys, such as backslash, question mark:
    Control-question mark
Would it be clearer if keys that are pressed could actually look like
keys--that is, if the "?" in the previous question had some kind of a key
representation around it?
Assume two commands, one of which is Control-X m, the other, Control-X M.
(Note that most commands are *not* case-sensitive.)  Are either of the
following two ways of referring to them confusing?  Which is clearer?
    Control-x m,  Control-x M
    Control-X M,  Control-X Shift-M
Thanks for your help.