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Re: Apple and CLIM

I'd like to clarify our position on a few issues.

> Subject: >Apple and CLIM
> From: KEUNEN@MILOU.NRB.BE (Vincent Keunen)
> [text deleted]
> The advantages I see in Apple "getting closer" to CLIM are the following:
> - Apple is more solid than ILA, so it's more of a guarantee for the product's
> lifetime
> - CLIM's acceptance would be more developed ("Apple officially supports CLIM")
> therefore leading to more development from "out there"
> - Apple's development efforts in MCL would be guaranteed to be "CLIM oriented"
> (I'm thinking of things like the interface designer in MCL that doesn't seem
> useful to CLIM based applications - Am I wrong ?  If Apple truly supports CLIM,
> they might invest in a CLIM interface designer that would be very useful to
> developers of the MCL community - or the general CLIM community...)

In no way are we suggesting that CLIM should replace the MCL Interface
Designer or the MCL hooks into the Apple GUI.  For programmers not
requiring portability across platforms, the Interface Designer and the
hooks into the Apple UI are wonderful tools.  CLIM (IMHO) should be
viewed as an *alternative* to the Interface Manager for those
requiring portability.  An alternative CLIM-based interface designer
would be nice, but for us would be low on our priority list for future
MCL development.

Let me restate our position more simply: In short, CLIM for
the Macintosh is very important to us, now and in the future.  For
what it's worth, we cast our vote (and some opinions on how this might
be accomplished) for its continued support (regardless of who
sells/develops it).  Its availability will determine whether we (and
our customers who use our software) will continue to buy Macs, 
something we thought Apple might like to know. 

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