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Re: graphing tool?

Format-graph-from-root is one of the pivotal commands I gave up when
moving from the Symbolics environment to the Mac environment. I have
used this command in several project-level applications in the former,
and just recently completed a 4 month project in the latter. 
Expertelligence has a component which can be purchased to add on to
their Action! package.  That is what I used.  The good news is that I
have used and abused their tree tool and it has proven to be very
useful.  The bad news is that I haven't found anything close in public
domain, and acquiring it does cost some bucks.  I'm sure they would be
able to give you more reliable information.

If anyone out there knows of other clones of this command, I'd be
interested in examining them!

Becky Burnard
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