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PICS Player Wtd cont.

Sub:    PICS Player Wtd
>From: Sheldon Shen <shen@granite.Jpl.Nasa.Gov>
>Message-Id: <9111272120.AA21308@granite.Jpl.Nasa.Gov>
>To: STEVE.M@AppleLink.Apple.COM
>   How do you uncompress File.PKG, which you sent to Info-MCL.
You can't unless you have AppleLink or some other s/w that decompresses
AppleLink packages. The file is included inline below:
Re: PICS File Format
(A resend of something I pulled off the net a few weeks ago... -S. Enzer)
Here's a summary of the PICS File Format:
    o File Type: 'PICS'
    o A PICS animation is composed of many PICT resources, starting at id 128
    o Numbering is contiguous (128, 129, 130, ...)
    o Number of frames is equal to Count1Resources('PICT')
    o PICT resource 128 describes the complete first animation frame. The
      picFrame field of the PICT describes the complete screen size of the
      whole animation (all subsequent frames will be drawn within this rect).
    o The following PICT resources (129, 130, ...) can be either:
        o complete frames with the same picFrame as PICT 128
        o an update to the previous frame of a smaller area
        o a null picFrame (no change in the animation)
    o 'INFO' resource (optional), id 128, consiting of:
        o BWColor (integer): 0 if black & white PICTS, 1 if color PICTS
        o Depth (integer): 1,2,4,8,16 preferred color depth
        o Speed (integer): 1 to 200 preferred speed in frames/sec.
            A negative value means, show the frame for abs(value) seconds.
        o Version (integer): version number (currently zero)
        o Creator (longint): signature of creator application
        o Largest (longint): size of the largest frame in bytes
It's fairly easy to read/write PICS files. If you have further questions, pls.
Alexander B. Christof
AppleLink: A.XSE014
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