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Lisp classes

To all MCL'ers:
Does anyone know of any good courses in Common Lisp or specifically in MCL? My
company is moving to MCL as one of our primary development platforms, and as
the primary Lisp-literate person I've been charged with finding a way to
teach/train some of our other developers.
Our staff is generally mid-level to senior people, C-literate, often
C++-literate, usually no Lisp/Scheme/etc. Many have object-oriented development
skills (i.e., they really used C++, not just using it as a 'better C'). We're
looking for a fairly intensive, 3-day or week-long class, covering Common Lisp
basics, including CLOS. A course that used MCL as the hands-on would be good;
one that was based on MCL and taught the menu/view/event/etc. structure of MCL
would be great.
All responses would be of value, including negative ones ("I took this course
from XYZ, and boy was it lousy!!").
Thanks in advance!!
Alan Geller
Systems Design Associates, Inc.