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Re: Lisp classes

I took a decent Common Lisp class a few years ago thru the UCLA
extension.  My class was in conjunction with the AI certificate program,
and as such was a quarter-long class, one night per week.  However, they
also offer many different kinds of classes in the more intensive 2- or 
3-day seminar type of format.  You don't mention where you are located,
but if you're located anywhere near Southern California and your money
is green, I'm sure they can find an on-site instructor for you! (and I'm
only partly kidding about that...)  Any major university will have an
extension agency and would probably be open to negotiating a one-time
kind of contract for an on-site or on-campus type of seminar.  Money,
instructor availability, number of students, and administrative overhead
and hassle factor will be the major obstacles to overcome.

Hope this helps!
Becky Burnard

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