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Do you want to have some fun?  Try this:

(defclass my-window (window) () )

(defmethod initialize-instance ((self my-window) &rest initargs)
  (declare (ignore initargs))
  (rset (window-drag-rect self) :rect.topleft #@(0 0))
  (rset (window-drag-rect self) :rect.bottomright #@(500 200)))

(make-instance 'my-window :window-title "Constrained")

Now try to drag the new window around.  Sure enough, it is constrained in its
movement by the window-drag-rect, just like it should be.  Now try to drag any
other Lisp window around (e.g., the Listener window, or a Fred window).  ALL
of the Lisp windows are constrained by the window-drag-rect!  Surely something
is wrong here, or am I just guilty of a great misunderstanding of the nature
of the window-drag-rect?

BTW, I am running (union |MCL 2.0b1p3| newsgroup-patches) on a vanilla MacII.

Jerry James