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Re: New User Seeks FAQ

In article <4dDtuBj0BwwuF9KZlW@transarc.com> Bill_Chiles@TRANSARC.COM writes:

   From: Bill_Chiles@TRANSARC.COM
   Date: 6 Dec 91 16:00:13 GMT

   I just bought a Mac and MACL 2.0b1.  I also just discovered this
   bboard.  Is there an FAQ or official list of updates to the Lisp?  I
   haven't used it much, so I don't have any specific questions, just
   want to see some random info and enhancements.

There are three patches to MCL 2.0b1 in
cambridge.apple.com:/pub/mcl2/patches/.  The current version is MCL
2.0b1p3 (unless I missed a patch announcement).  There is some
user-contributed code in /pub/mcl2/contrib/.  There's no FAQ list that
I'm aware of.  That's probably partly due to the fact that this
forum started out as the mailing list info-mcl@cambridge.apple.com and
I don't think mailing lists have a formal concept of Frequently Asked
Questions lists.

I've been toying with the idea of starting a FAQ list for
comp.lang.lisp, although I know I'm not the best person for the job.
(It would be a learning experience.)  I'd nominate Barmar, but I'm
sure he's got enough to do already.  :-)

While I'm here, does anyone know the scheduled final release date for
MCL 2.0?

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