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Where to buy MCL

>Please add me to your mailing list.  Also, could you tell me how the computer
>science department at Lamar University might obtain MACL?  I have asked local
>Apple dealers several times, but they don't seem to know.
>Thank you,
>David Read
>C.S. Dept.
>Lamar Univ.
>Beaumont, TX
I'm sorry that your Apple dealers did not tell you how to order Macintosh
Common Lisp (the new name for what used to be called MACL or Macintosh Allegro
Common Lisp).  Macintosh Common Lisp (and Apple's other development tools) can
be ordered through APDA, the Apple department which distributes development
tools. You can contact APDA in the following ways:
To contact APDA electronically:
    Internet        APDA@AppleLink.Apple.Com
    AppleLink:      APDA
    GEnie:          A.DEVELOPER3
    CompuServe:     76666,2405
    MacNet:         APDA
    MCI:            POSTROM
You can also contact APDA as follows:
    Telephone:      US:             1-800-282-2732
                    Canada          1-800-637-0029
                    International:  1-408-562-3910
                    Call Mon-Fri 7 am - 5 pm Pacific Standard Time
    Fax:            1-408-562-3971
    TELEX:          171-576
    Mail:           APDA
                    Apple Computer, Inc.
                    20525 Mariani Ave., MS 33-G
                    Cupertino, CA  95014-6299  USA
Because Macintosh Common Lisp v. 2.0B1 is beta software it is only available to
customers who have signed the APDA customer agreement (APDA no longer charges
subscription fees).  When the final version of Macintosh Common Lisp v. 2.0 is
released it will be available to everyone, whether or not they have signed the
Customers outside the U.S. must have returned an "International Letter of
Assurance" and "Product End-Use Questionaire" (found in the APDA catalog) to
APDA before their order can be processed.  You only need to submit this form to
APDA one time.
Customers outside the U.S. may be able to purchase APDA products from APDA
programs in other countries.  Contact APDA to find out if there is an APDA
program in your country.
Macintosh Common Lisp v. 2.0B1 sells for $495.  This price includes an
automatic, free update to the final version of Macintosh Common Lisp v. 2.0
when it is released (which should be in the next few months).
We don't have special academic prices for individual copies of Macintosh Common
Lisp.  However, we do have special special educational pricing for site
licenses that may be of interest to you.
Macintosh Common Lisp site licenses are available to corporations for $5000 for
up to 20 copies, $10,000 for unlimited copies at one "site" (within a 25 mile
radius), and $30,000 for a worldwide license.   These prices give an
institution the right to distribute any version of MCL.  Licensees can
duplicate the disks and documentation themselves or buy copies of the
documentation directly from APDA.
We offer universities and other educational institutions special educational
pricing for site licenses: $2500 for up to 20 copies, $5,000 for unlimited
copies at one "site" (within a 25 mile radius), and $15,000 for a worldwide
So depending on your needs for multiple copies of the documentation and your
costs of duplicating documentation yourself, a "limited site license" (up to 20
copies)  may make sense even if a university that only needs 8 copies.
For more information on Apple site licenses, contact Apple's Software Licensing
department, 408-974-4667, AppleLink: SW.LICENSE,
Internet: SW.LICENSE@AppleLink.Apple.Com.
--Harvey Alcabes
  MCL Product Marketing Manager
  Apple Computer, Inc.