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Re: Pictures in source code

Bill Andersen writes:
 >   I concur fully with Tom.  In fact, I was thinking the same thing 
 > just the other day.  His idea about putting the pictures into the
 > resource fork looks pretty good, too.  The only thing I would add
 > would be the ability to shut the pictures off (replaced by some
 > appropriate text).

What would really be excellent is to have the ability to turn comments
(text, pictures, and sound) on and off.  Preferably, the comment
selection could be chosen locally (show all comments for this
file/function/s-expression/line/...).  This would make it easy to read
comments when and where you are interested in them.

Ian Flanigan

Medical Informatics Group
Washington University in St. Louis	"You can never have too many napkins."
(314) 362-4320