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image display question

I'm trying to display an 8 bit lisp array (image data) on an 8 bit screen,
but am having inordinate difficulty. It seems that code like this
should work:
   (rlet ((r :rect
              :topleft #@(10 10)
              :bottomright #@(100 100))
           (p-r :rect
                :topleft #@(0 0)
                :bottomright (make-point max-i max-j)
           (p :pixMap 
              :rowbytes max-i
      (rset p pixmap.baseAddr data-array )
      (copy-bits p
                 (rref (wptr window) CGrafPort.portPixMap)
                 p-r p-r))

but I get the ERROR:
Error: Argument #<ARRAY 64x64 type (UNSIGNED-BYTE 8), simple> is not
of type MACPTR.

;#<ARRAY 64x64 type (UNSIGNED-BYTE 8), simple> is the data-array

I can't find a way to convert the array to a macptr. I assume that I'm
missing a basic concept.

Any leads would be appreciated.


Richard Ferrante