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Size of applications in MCL

I'd like to find out how likely it is that sometime in the future MCL
will be able to create stand-alone applications that are small enough
to (say) fit on an 800k floppy, or perhaps be even smaller.  I'm planning
a new course - something along the lines of ``Language, Computation and
Thought'' - which will use (among other things) computer-animated demos
of things like search, parsing, learning, etc.  The advantage of MCL is
obvious - I can get something going in a day or two - but a 1.4Mb base
size of such an application makes it quite unwieldly.  I would develop
the application at home or in my office, and bring it in on a floppy to 
display on some of the projection facilities we have at Brown, possibly
even having the students run it on their Macs via Appletalk.  (Have you
ever seen what happens to an Appletalk net when 20 students try to
boot even an 800k application?).

So before I invest my time an effort, I'd like to know if and when
I can expect MCL to create smaller stand-alone applications.  Some
sort of ball-park date, and some idea of the base size would be nice.