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I am trying to convert code from 1.3.2 to 2.0.  Here are some questions:

In MACL 1.3.2, I can use
(ask an-object (have 'a-new-attribute "something")) to add
an attribute to an object at run time.  Can you do this in
MACL 2.0b?  (When an object is defined, a user may only know
part of the attributes.)

I could not find "do-object-variables", "object-parents",
"object-children" in MACL 2.0b (Do you have to write your
own code to traverse an object hierarchy in 2.0?) .  I do
find, however, "slot-definition-name", "class-slots" in
someone's 2.0 code.  They seem to come with 2.0.  Where can
I find the documentations for these?