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serial stream mangling

We are trying to use MCL to control a robot via a 9600 bd 
serial link, sending commands and receiving data (speed, 
rotation, sonar readings).  However, stuff often gets garbled 
in the serial input stream, which we defined using serial-streams.lisp.
The problem is worse at higher throughput rates.
We have tried installing a larger input buffer, without success, 
but since we don't exactly know what we are doing there maybe we 
didn't do it exactly right.

Anyone know the default buffer size?

Can anyone send me sample code for setting up a larger serial buffer?

Anyone have any suggestions for what to try next?  We are getting 
kind of discouraged.

Thanks much.

Tom McDougal           mcdougal@cs.uchicago.edu 

        	1682, King John fails English I
        	because he didn't know his subjects.