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Where are apple-event functions coming from?

I'm trying to play around with apple events in MCL 2.0b3 and I get errors

> Error while handling AppleEvent: 'misc' 'eval'
> Not a valid descriptor. (-1704)

> Error while handling AppleEvent: 'aevt' 'ansr'
> Event wasn't handled by an AppleEvent handler. (-1708) - No queued reply handler for id: 89800

 when I try to send an eval event to myself.  There are calls functions
throughout appleEvent-toolkit.lsip, and eval-server.lisp such as
ae-get-parameter-char, and ae-error, which I can't find definitions or
documentation for.  Where did these routines come from?
Derek White      	      (-ex Mr. Pascal)
ATG/East        	       derek@cambrige.apple.com, or DEREK on AppleLink