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Re: MCL can do animation?

    Date: Thu, 26 Dec 91 10:08:53 -0500
    From: jipan@gmuvax2.gmu.edu (Jiqian Pan)
    Do you know MCL can do animation?  

Yes, I have some code to do double-buffered animation in MCL2.0.  It's
not really in a state to be released yet.

				       Also, do you know MCL has the interface
    to Hypercard or Director from MacroMind, and Hypercard and Director have
    the interface to MCL?  Thanks.
MacroMind used to make the animation drivers from Videoworks/Director
available as a separate product for developers.  A few years ago I
wrote an interface from MCL 1.3 to these drivers.  Both MCL and
VideoWorks have evolved a lot since then.  If anyone is interested in
updating this I can make the code I have available.

As for Hypercard, there is (or was) an interface to MCL but I don't
know anything about it.