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Re: Re : Documentation of MCL, Hypercard and Director

>Jiqian Pan writes :
>> Does anyone know the documentation between MCL and Hypercard, and
>> between MCL and Director?  IF you know something, could you tell me
>> their names and others?  Thanks.
>I didn't understand this message, but if it is speaking about comunication
>between MCL and Hypercard I am interested in getting all information every
>one can give to me.

I have a file called "XCMD-ACCESS" that was published on one of Apple's
Developer disks a year (??) or two ago. It claims to provide glue for
calling XCMDs & XFCNs from MCL version 1.3.2. It also claims that "This
software is provided free of charge without any explicit or implicit
about its operation". Using this you should be able to use MacroMind's
PlayMovie XCMD. I doubt it would be hard to convert the file to work in MCL
2.0, though I will not soon have time to do so. I sent it to Robert Burnard
a few months ago. He was planning to convert it, but hasn't told me whether
or not he succeeded. If anyone HAS converted this file, please post it to
/pub/mcl2/contrib/ directory of the anonymous FTP server at
CAMBRIDGE.APPLE.COM and tell us about it. If I don't hear about someone
doing so or someone requests it, I'll post the 1.3.2 version.

>While I was browsing along all the file, I found in the Library:Interfaces
>a file named HyperXCmd.lisp. Does that mean that I can built XCMDs with MCL
>an d if the answer is yes how can I do that.

You cannot build XCMDs with MCL. Sorry. For this reason, MCL final will not
include the file HyperXCmd.lisp

>I am also interested with every example or information to make HyperCard
>and MCL or a lisp application communicate.

There is an example that will ship with MCL final showing how to
communicate between HyperCard 2.x and MCL 2.0 in System 7 using
AppleEvents. I'm afraid the example won't work in MCL 2.0b1, so you'll
have to wait a couple months or so until MCL 2.0 final ships (please don't
ask me for more details about our ship date. It is not yet precisely

I remember seeing another file on a developer disk which claimed to provide
interprocess communication between MCL 1.3.2 and HyperCard in System 6.
I believe it was called "Talk to me". I don't know where to find a copy of
that file, nor do I know whether it will work in System 7 or with MCL 2.0.
If anyone does, please speak up.

Bill St. Clair