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Re: in-package problems

In article <1992Jan7.164452.3660@vax.oxford.ac.uk> usher@vax.oxford.ac.uk writes:

	   I am having some problems with the IN-PACKAGE 
   macro in MCL2.0b1.  IN the old version (Mac. Allegro 
   1.3.2) is is simple to use IN-PACKAGE with a variable 
   name, however this appears no longer to be possible.

   [Example Deleted]

   Am I doing something silly, if not how can I get around 
   this problem and pass package names as variable?
   Thanks for any help
   Tom Usherwood

There was an incompatible change in in-package in the CL standard.
The X3J13 committee voted in March 1989 to change the functionality of
in-package and to make it a macro.  The new definition specifies that
the argument to in-package is NOT EVALUATED.  (See Steele, CLtL 2nd
Ed., p. 263-264)

You cannot do what you want using in-package.  The closest you can get
would be to BIND the variable *package* to the value of a package
created earlier, but I think this would be a bad idea.  Why do you
want the name to be in a variable anyway?