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   Date: Fri, 10 Jan 1992 18:34:27 +0100
   From: lafourca@imag.fr


   BTW, an other question :

   How can we use the standard-class in CLOS ? With (describe 'standard-class)
   I noticed lots of slots but I am unable to access or modify them.

   A last question :

   Do you think the documentation of MCL 2.0 very usable ? I am new with Lisp
   (not with the Mac) and especially with CLOS. I find myself spoiling a lot
   if time with triing to find informations (often without success) !

   Which is the problem ? me :-( or the doc :-  ?

It would be realy helpfull if MCL 2.0 Docs are on line.  There is
three models that I have seen that i liked: VeiwEdit on the QuickTime
CD , Think Reference and the best of them all is a product from
symbolics called Concordia that allows you to deliver docs on the mac
with hypertext functionality, and multiple views.

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