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request for advice...

I have been working on a project that integrates a lisp-based knowledge
base system with hypertext and have been using MCL in conjunction with
Hypercard. After a number of months, I am finally ready to put Hypercard
to rest and want to move the entire implementation to MCL. 

Initially, I need to extend the facilities MCL offers to accommodate the

    1) I want to have windows containing text that could become read-only
       (and preferably not disabled so that they look just like active
       windows). These would need to respond to mouse clicks so that I
       could identify when a user clicks on a particular word or string,
       presumably using some sort of "group" character style to group the
       words together). 

    2) I also would like to have graphic windows that contain PICTs or
       Quicktime movies.

I envision creating quite a few of these windows since each object in my
knowledge base can potentially display its hypertext component.

Any advice/recommendations/code would be most gratefully received.
Thanks in advance...


Martin Stanley                                  Department of Computer Science
mts@ai.toronto.edu  -or-                        University of Toronto
mts@ai.utoronto.ca                              Kings College Circle
                                                Toronto, Ontario