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request for advice...

   The regular static text dialog-items respond to mouse clicks,  and you could 
decode the word or phrase clicked on by calculating from the click coordinates.  
However, since you desire the clickable phrases to appear in a different font,
the easiest thing to do is to create a static text dialog item with the 
attention grabbing font over the main text dialog item.  This way the mouse 
clicks will go directly to the attention grabbing font item and that item's 
method could open up another window to make to the hyper text link.

Windows with PICT are not my specialty,  but it seems others have done them for 
quite a while.

Lawrence Au

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Date: 1-12-92  10:32pm 
From: {mts@cs.toronto.edu}:ddn:darpa
  To: lisp:mis:darpa
Subj: request for advice...

I have been working on a project that integrates a lisp-based knowledge
base system with hypertext and have been using MCL in conjunction with
Hypercard. After a number of months, I am finally ready to put Hypercard
to rest and want to move the entire implementation to MCL. 

Initially, I need to extend the facilities MCL offers to accommodate the

    1) I want to have windows containing text that could become read-only
       (and preferably not disabled so that they look just like active
       windows). These would need to respond to mouse clicks so that I
       could identify when a user clicks on a particular word or string,
       presumably using some sort of "group" character style to group the
       words together). 

    2) I also would like to have graphic windows that contain PICTs or
       Quicktime movies.

I envision creating quite a few of these windows since each object in my
knowledge base can potentially display its hypertext component.

Any advice/recommendations/code would be most gratefully received.
Thanks in advance...


Martin Stanley                                  Department of Computer Science
mts@ai.toronto.edu  -or-                        University of Toronto
mts@ai.utoronto.ca                              Kings College Circle
                                                Toronto, Ontario