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Re: Word wrap in dialog items.

    From: @media-lab.mit.edu:COSMOS!HINKLE@eagle
    Subject: Word wrap in dialog items.
    I need a dialog item for entering a paragraph of text.
    But I need it to perform word wrap at the end of a line,
    and scroll vertically when the text reaches the bottom of 
    the dialog item.
Since editable-text-dialog-items have full FRED editing, you can use
the auto-wrap code supplied in the Examples folder to set up word-wrap
in your dialog.  You could define a class specialization that sets up
the comtab, for instance.

			     Also, I couldn't get a vertical 
    scroll bar and the wrap in the same dialog item.
This is harder.  The dialog items can't have the usual fred scroll
bars, and they don't respond to messages from scroll-bar-dialog-items.
Probably Apple should fix one or the other.  However, you can scroll
these items by dragging the cursor through the text, so it's not