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In article <m0l3nIy-00000aC@lamd01>, ranson@LANNION.CNET.FR (Ranson) writes:
> That MCL2.0 will come on a CD is great news!
> Since the MCL distribution and the docs will use only a small part of the CD,
> how about filling the free space with all the public domain Lisp code you
> can find?
>      Daniel.
Heck, that's such a good idea, I guess I've somehow volunteered to 
try to be the librarian for this.

If you have any public domain lisp code, please upload it by anonymous
ftp to cambridge.apple.com [] (cd /pub/MCL2/contrib).

 * Please also send me a note (straz@apple.com), saying that 
   you have documented and tested the code (hopefully on MCL 2.0b) 
   and that you give us permission to include it on the MCL CD-ROM. 
 * For heaven's sake don't even think of taking code that might
   be copyrighted by someone else and sending it to me without their 
   explicit permission. I mean, we really don't need any legal hassles on this.
 * If you don't have ftp access, send me mail anyway describing the stuff 
   and hopefully we'll work out a way to get a copy. 
 * It might also be good for you to check first to make sure you don't 
   upload some huge file only to find it's obsolete or that we've already
   got a copy.
 * The best file format to use is a compressed Mac folder (using a self-
   extracting archive like Stuffit or Compactor Pro), in Binhex format. 
   Unix tar files are ok, too. 

As you can probably imagine, we won't be able to make any promises about
the quality of the PD code - we'll just release it all on an "as-is" basis.
That means we can't test it all, let alone try porting it from bizarre
pedigrees. Again, please include as much documentation as you can!

We thank you for your support