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Re: number of letters for filename

In article <9201171600.AA07325@fife.ecn.purdue.edu>
yi@ecn.purdue.edu (Juneho Yi) writes:

   I started to use MCL and my question may not be
   about  MCL itself.
   In order to make the name of lisp file name more meaningful 
   and easy to remember, I use many letters for file name.
   But only 31 letters are allowed for filename.
   Is there anyway to extend the number of letters for filename 
   over 31 ?

In article <ALMS.92Jan17153405@ministry.cambridge.apple.com>
alms@cambridge.apple.com (Andrew L. M. Shalit) writes:
    This is a restriction of the Macintosh OS, not of MCL.
    I don't know of any way to change it.

However, if you use A/UX with a BSD file system the limit is 255.
Normally 31 character file names are enough and certainly
better than the 14 character limit of System VR2 A/UX file systems.

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