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Code for MCL CD-ROM

There is a lot of very interesting code by M. Kant.  He wrote some himself and 
gthered the rest.  Most of it is quite well tested and I use some utilities 
myself (no bugs, just some configuration needed).  Most of the code has at least 
minimal documentation.  Some of M. Kant's code actually has a complete 
documentation (in text, or Postscript format).  M. Kant also gathered all kinds 
of information about lisp (servers of lisp code, relevant mailing lists...).

You should really contact him to get more information.  Here is a message that 
recently appeared on the list.

Vincent Keunen

PS: the idea of public lisp code on the MCL CD-ROM is super!  I totally agree!

1.4. Obtaining the Utilities

The utilities are available by anonymous ftp from CMU:

   - ftp to a.gp.cs.cmu.edu [] or any other CMU CS machine.

   - The directory /afs/cs.cmu.edu/user/mkant/Public/Lisp-Utilities/
     contains the files.

     [Note: The directory I found the files in was
	    a.gp.cs.cmu.edu:/usr/mkant/Public/  -CGay]

   - cd to this directory in one fell swoop. Do not try to cd or ls any
     intermediate directories, since the CMU security mechanisms prevent
     access to other directories from an anonymous ftp.

   - Use ls to see what files are available. For users accessing the
     directory via an anonymous ftp mail server, the file README contains
     a current listing and description of the files in the directory. The
     file UPDATES describes recent updates to the released versions of the
     software in the directory. The file COPYING describes the general
     license agreement and lack of warranty.

[Rest deleted.  -CGay]