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XP (Pretty Printing)

Is there a version of XP (as documented in CLtL2) that runs well
in MCL2.0b1p3 ? 

My MCL manual implies that the XP version supplied with MCL2.01 should
run without changes. That isn't the case. After making some changes
I now get something like an A- on the tests in XP.test. 

My motivation for loading XP is to provide it (which is optional)
to some of the very useful utilities in a.gp.cs.cmu.edu:/usr/mkant/Public.

Would be interesting to see some examples usage, or other feedback
on XP.  Will summarize.


Ulf Wostner

=  Ulf Wostner, Math Dept, CCSF, SF, CA 94112.  =
=  Voice: 510-848-2343 FAX: 510-649-7830        =