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mcl2.0 patch questions

I just applied patches 1-3 to MCL2b1 and I had some questions:

1.in p1&2, source patches, Scroll-bar-dialog-item-patch.lisp
  contains a replacement for (view-draw-contents).
  Is Grow-icon-source-patch.lisp also a patch for Scroll-...
  (if not, what is it a patch for) ?
  If so, it also contains a replacement for (view-draw-contents).
  Which one is correct?

2.In types[-patch].lisp, i changed e.g.
	(def-mactype :str255 (find-mactype :string))
	(defrecord str255 (length :unsigned byte....))
  Is this the correct change- is the name difference (str255 vs. :str255)
  not a problem?  (I don't know what def-mactype does).

3. The size of resulting b1p3 is 1,458,829 bytes.  Correct?

4. b1p3 must run with the quadra cache off?