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READ-ONLY Fred windows

I am trying to implement a version control mechanism using FRED.
To do this, I need to prevent the user from modifying files
that are locked by someone else. Using LOCK-FILE "works" in that
the user can't change the file on disk, but the file can be
edited: you think you're making changes and end up not being
able to save them. This is sub-optimal.

I need a way to make locked files READ-ONLY, so that typing
in the window has no effect or beeps. I've considered replacing
the local COMTAB, but I would have to have each key that can
cause a modification defined as "beep", and even this would fail
if the user has some crazy set of key definitions. There must be
a better way.

Thanks for all pointers,

institute for learned scientists
northwestern university

institute for learned scientists