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ff code using 68881/2

I wrote a simple code resource in THINK Pascal 4.0 taking a pointer to a
2-byte buffer and a pointer to an extended real as parameters.  All it does
is round the real and put the resulting integer into the buffer and then
return.  I called this code resource from Lisp using
        (ff-call code-ptr
                 :ptr buffer
                 :ptr X
where buffer points to a 2-byte memory location and X points to an extended
value that I created with ccl::%float2X.  After the call, I looked in the
buffer to see the value there.  The ff-call worked fine IF the code
resource was generated to work without the 68881/2 processors, but did NOT
work correctly if the code resource was generated to use the fp processor.

Is this a problem with MCL 2.0b1p3, a problem with THINK 4.0, or a problem
with my code?  If it is a problem with MCL, will it be fixed in the final
(non-beta) version?

Dale J. Skrien   	       	       	       	       	djskrien@colby.edu
Dept. of Mathematics & Computer Science 	       	207-872-3256
Colby College, Waterville  ME  04901