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Patch beyond b1p3?

I have the b1p3 patch installed, and wonder if there will be any more 
patches before 2.0 is released.  
  b1p3 runs only in caches-off mode on my Quadra 700.  This not only makes 
it much slower than it could have been, but also seems to be the source of 
"bus error" crashes when run simulatnously with MACTCP programs. (This 
happens with Word 4.0+MACTCP also, if anybody knows whether the Alysis 
INIT might have something to do with it, I'd be glad to hear!)
  A positive side remark: I've noticed that an old program of mine runs at 
more than double speed in cache-off mode compared to an old Mac IIX 
w/1.3.2 (or an old NeXt w/ Franz Allegro CL), while the processor speeds 
alone should be approximately equal when caches are off.  This program 
relies heavily on MAPCAR.  Has it been reimplemented in a much more 
efficient way?
(since 1.3.2 doesn't run on my machine, I can't test it myself)

Espen J. Vestre,                          espen@coli.uni-sb.de
Universitaet des Saarlandes,        
Computerlinguistik, Gebaeude 17.2 
Im Stadtwald,
D-6600 SAARBRUECKEN, Germany           tel. +49 (681) 302 4501