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Re: Help needed; Number and Precision Problem

> To: info-mcl
> From: L66@psuvm.psu.edu
> Hi, Netters. I need your help. I am using MCL 1.3.2.
> My question is how can I save just two digits after decimal point.
> (float 1/3) returns 0.3333333333333. However, I want keep just 0.33 instead of
> whole precision. (float (/ num1 num2)) ===> x.xx is the form I want.
> Any help will be welcomed. Many thanks in advance. L66@psuvm.psu.edu

What are you *really* trying to do?

If you simply want to print answers with 2 decimal places, use the "~F" or "~$" 
format directives.

If you want to do arithmetic where all results are kept to 2 decimal places, 
you'll have to write your own package of routines.  But that's easy -- just keep 
everything as integer cents.  The only hard part is figuring out how you want to 
round the results of multiplication and division.  (Doing the rounding is easy 
once you know what you want.)

BTW, it's quite likely that you *don't* want to use floating-point numbers.  If 
you can give me a better idea of what you're trying to accomplish, perhaps I can 
be of more help.