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(buffer-insert-with-style) help ...

Hi to all...

I've been learning MCL, and I have a question about the function
(buffer-insert-with-style).  It takes <style> as an argument, which is
a simple-array of signed-byte 16's.  OK, great.  Now to figure out
what the entries in the array should be.  

Let's call (font-codes) on the font spec I want to use: (font-codes
'("geneva" 0 :bold)) returns 4 values (196864 65536 -65280 65536).
But 196864 won't fit in a signed-byte 16, since the maximum value in a
signed-byte 16 is 2^15-1 = 32767.

What am I doing wrong?  I can accomplish what I want by simply setting
the insert point font and then resetting it, but I don't want to admit
defeat :-).

Thanks for your time, and replies would be appreciated greatly.

Doug Merrill
Cognitive Science Lab
Princeton University