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Re: Incompatible Series package

In article <38290005@hp-vcd.vcd.hp.com> jm@hp-vcd.vcd.hp.com (John 
Matthews) writes:
> Am I missing some step in the loading process, or is there an updated
> Series package that loads under MCL2.b3?

I have the same problems when compiling the series file "s.lisp"  and the 
same happend with the newest 2/8/91 update version of this file that I got 
via ftp from ftp.ai.mit.edu
Currently, the only way in order to run series is (as far as I know):
1. (require :lisp-package)
2. (in-package :user)
3. Load s.lisp with *compile-definitons* on

I was then able to run the (do-tests) function without problems.

Guenter Neumann

Guenter Neumann, U Saarbruecken, Dept. of Computational Linguistics
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