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LUV '92 -- Call For Papers

>From: jonl%kuwait@lucid.com (Jon L White)
>Subject: LUV '92 -- Call For Papers
>                         CALL FOR PAPERS
>               1992 Lisp Users and Vendors Conference
>The Second International Lisp User and Vendor Conference (LUV '92)
>will be held on August 10-14, 1992, at the U.S. Grant Hotel in 
>San Diego, CA, and will be centered around the theme of "Delivering 
>Business Success with Lisp".  The conference is sponsored in part by 
>the Association of Lisp Users.
>The conference schedule includes two days of tutorials; a day of panel 
>sessions, keynote addresses, technical paper presentations, and a 
>student paper and application competition; a day of vendor presentations
>and demonstrations of new products; and more.
>Papers submitted to the conference should focus on experience with
>practical applications of Lisp.  The material must clearly demonstrate 
>a practical value from the use of the Lisp language or Lisp technology;
>as such, papers need not be especially innovative nor original, but 
>preference will be given to previously undisseminated reports and
>experiences.  Topics in the area of programming languages and
>environments are welcome; but untested or purely theoretical ideas
>without a clear direction towards the theme of the conference would
>be less suitable.
>Authors should submit 7 copies of their papers to the program chair at 
>the address below.  The length of the written papers should not exceed 
>10 pages (with font size at least 10-point or larger.)  Accepted papers
>will appear in the written proceedings, which will be distributed at 
>the conference.  The authors of certain selected papers will be invited
>to make a 20-minute verbal presentation at the technical talks sessions
>during the conference.  Time constraints will likely prevent the 
>presentation of all accepted papers.
>Submissions must be received by June 1, 1991.  They should include a 
>return postal address and a telephone number; an electronic mail address
>should also be included, if available.  Authors will be notified of the 
>acceptance or rejection of their papers by July 6, 1992.  Corrections 
>and alterations to the papers, if any, may be done up until July 24, 
>1992, which is the final date for receipt of a camera-ready copy.
>Authors of accepted papers will be required to sign a release for 
>publication in the conference proceedings.  Authors may retain the 
>copyright themselves if they wish by installing their own copyright
>notice in the paper. Previously copyrighted material may still be 
>acceptable depending on the permission to publish; in this case, 
>the previous copyright and notice of permission should appear in
>the paper.
>Persons interested in the student competition should contact the 
>student coordinator for submission requirements and further details.
>Both technical papers and descriptions of Lisp applications are valid
>entries.  Submission and acceptance dates, as well as acceptable
>themes, are the same as for other authors.
>Program Chair:
>    Jon L White
>    Lucid, Inc.
>    707 Laurel Street
>    Menlo Park, CA 94025
>    tel: 415-329-8400, x5514
>    fax: 415-329-8480
>    email: jonl@lucid.com
>Program Committee:
>    Richard Billington, Georgia Institute of Technology
>    Kathy Egan, McDonnell-Douglas Space Systems Company
>    Masayuki Ida, Aoyama Gaukin University (Tokyo)
>    Barry Margolin, Thinking Machine, Inc.
>    Chris Richardson, Franz, Inc.    
>    Bill York, International Lisp Associates
>Student Coordinator:
>    Thomas Pole
>    Software Productivity Consortium
>    Reuse and Measurement Division
>    2214 Rock Hill rd.
>    Herndon, VA 22070
>    tel: 703-742-7131
>    fax: 703-742-7200
>    email pole@software.org
>Conference General Chair:
>    Jim Aragones
>    GE-CRD, K1-5c30
>    1 River Rd
>    PO Box 8
>    Schenectady NY  12301
>    tel: 518-387-6967
>    email: jka@vega.crd.ge.com