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Re: is there a modem connection for cambridge.apple.com

>Is there a modem or other non-ethernet connection to info-mcl archives?

Sorry, we haven't set up anything like that. We do plan to include the
info-mcl archives on the CD-ROM which will come with the final release 
of MCL 2.0, if you can wait that long. You could ask someone to volunteer
to mail them to you, but it's 9 files totalling about 3.2 megabytes.

A do-it-yourself alternative is to dial-up a public-access unix site
to get ftp access to the internet (as well as email, news, etc.) I know
one in Boston that would run you something like $20 a month, so
let me know if you want more info.

Steve Strassmann  Apple Computer (ATG)   617/374-5316   straz@apple.com