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Horizontal Scrolling in sequence-dialog-item

Horizontal scrolling seems rather brain-dead...

Does anyone have a fix so that scrolling horizontally will "page" through
the remainder of the contents of a cell when
(point-h cell-size) >> (point-h view-size)  ?

Example of what I don't want follows.

(defclass sample-sequence (sequence-dialog-item)
    :view-size #@(200 100)
    :cell-size #@(1000 16)))

(add-subviews (make-instance 'window)
  (make-instance 'sample-sequence
    :table-sequence (list (make-string 200 :initial-element #\A)
                          (make-string 200 :initial-element #\B))))

;Try to scroll to the right to see the other A's and B's.
"TANSTAAFL" Rich lynch@ils.nwu.edu